We are a unique boarding village where your dog and/or cat stays in a cottage of your choosing. We have six cottages. In the center of the cottages is a courtyard, complete with lampposts, a doggy bone shaped pond, flagstone paths and gardens. The entire village is fenced in for security, and also, so that your dogs may run and play ball. For our feline friends, we have an observation area in their cottage to look out at our bird bath and feeders. To one side of the kitty cottage is a totally fenced in area, if they would like to enjoy a little of the outdoors.

Our dog cottages can be rented as a duplex unit or you may rent an entire cottage. The duplex units (The Hen House, The Carriage House and The Ole Barn) include a radio, cable TV, and a pet cot. Your dog will have his/her own outside area off their side of the duplex. The single family cottages (The Silo and Doc Holiday's) have a living room/kitchen area with an adjoining bedroom. This cottage includes furniture, a microwave, refrigerator, TV and a radio. A pet cot is in the bedroom and they have access to their own outdoor area.

Our kitty cottage (Miss Kitty's Saloon) has individual condos with litter boxes adjacent to your kitty's living quarters. Your kitty will have his/her own storage locker. This cottage has a microwave, refrigerator, radio and a TV.

  • Exercise time is included in your pets stay.

  • We offer bathing, grooming, pickup and delivery.

  • We require your dogs to be up to date on their DHLPP and Rabies vaccinations.

  • We also require a Canine Cough vaccine (Bordetella).

  • Cats should be up to date with their FVRCP, Rabies and either a Leukemia vaccine or a negative test.