• We require advance notice for appointments and all site visits!
      ur commitment to your pets health and comfort includes personalized attention and exercise.
      We wish to make ourselves available for tours and visits, while not interfering with these important routines.

    Pet Drop-off & Pick-up Times

      • Our arrival/departure times are as follows:
        Monday - Saturday 9-10 AM,2-3PM and 5-6PM.
        Sundays between 3 and 5 PM only.
      • On the day of departure if your cat/dog is picked up between 9-10 AM there will not be a charge for that day.

      Vaccination Requirements

      • We require your dogs to be up to date on their DHLPP and Rabies vaccinations.
      • We also require a Canine Cough vaccine (Bordetella).
      • Cats should be up to date with their FVRCP, Rabies and either a Leukemia vaccine or a negative test (for indoor cat only).
      • We highly encourage the use of flea & tick contol. If your cat/dog arrives with fleas a bath will be given at your expense
      • Our outdoor facility is a natural environment. Your dog may be in our pool or pond and may roll in the grass or mulch. Bathing is available at an additional fee.

      Deposit & Cancellations

      • We require a 3 day deposit when booking your reservations.
      • We strive to work with our pet owners in regards to dates reserved for boarding. Please understand that we are a small facility and last minute cancellations or changes in boarding dates not only affect us but also other customers who may have tried to board during the same time period and were turned away.
      • We require notification of cancellation and changes in boarding dates no less than 5 days before the first day of your pets stay. Failure to notify us accordingly will result in your being billed for any part of your pets scheduled stay that we are unable to rebook.
      • Thank you for understanding.